Fuselage – It’s time to start!

Finally, after waiting for some time I was able to successfully pick up my fuselage kit from VANs factory in Aurora, OR.

I have contacted with VANs in the end of February 2021 and confirmed that my pick up date has not changed. They confirmed that I am good to come and pick my fuse kit so I did.

After bringing my kit over the border to Canada I successfully, with great help of pilot friends from my airfield unloaded truck and next day started inspection of the kit.

During inspection I discovered that few parts are still on backorder. These were control sticks and landing gear mounts. I was able to get these received in a week time after I brought in my kit.

I started to work on my fuselage kit build and did some progress.

In the mean time we celebrated my father’s birthday, eat some “shashlik” BBQ and drink some Vodka 🙂

Check out some of my pictures below about these past weeks and my Fuse kit assembly!

No updates for some time

Yeah right there were no updates for some time. The main reason for that, actually few reasons here 🙂 First of all I was on holidays (Christmas, NY). As you know I was suppose to visit VANs and pick up my fuselage kit around January 25th however for some reasons VANs delays my fuse kit until March so I am waiting for it now.

Despite that I have completed my fuel tank testing with pressure and finally succeeded. No leaks so far.

I was also waiting for my Dynon Heated Pitot/Static probe for almost a month. Finally couple days ago I have received it so it looks like it is a time now to get it installed and make another video soon.

Oh yeah and finally we moved to a new house – it took good two weeks to prepare, pack, move and unpack everything. So I now have enough excuses to make some pause in my blog. I should be back very soon with new videos and of course as soon as I get my fuse I will start to work on it. Can’t wait to get back to my shop and work on my RV10 build.

Finishing my unfinished parts. Part 2

I am getting there slowly but efficiently. So far I was able to finish up my flaps, ailerons, elevators, installed AP servo in to my wing and more. My daughters just went to their school holidays so now we have more time to spend with family and kids.

My younger daughter Elizabeth got her first tooth fell off 🙂

Hope to finish up bottom skins preparation soon but not planning to hang these on to wings yet. Still have to add lots of wiring prior to that.

You may see few pictures below and of course video about the process.

Finishing my unfinished parts. Part 1

It is time for me to start working on my unfinished parts such as ailerons, flaps, rudder, vertical and horizonal stabs etc. Everything what I left unclosed or unfinished for inspection now needs to be completed. During this work I also getting all snags found by inspector fixed.

At the same time I decided to install landing lights in to leading edges of my wings. What suppose to be an easy work turned out to be longer then I expected. I dropped one leading edge and damaged it a little so I had to spend time getting it fixed.

Check out pictures below and my new video about my RV-10 build progress.

Flaps and fuel tanks leak test! DONE.

Past two weeks were full of work on our RV10 build. We also traveled with my wife and kids on our PA28-235 to Victoria and around the area.

I was successfully able to finish my flaps until the point where they are ready for inspection. Also I performed leak test for my fuel tanks, just the very first initial test with water and got very good results – no leaks at all.

Enjoy some pictures and video above 🙂

Fuel tanks and more! Here we go!

If you ever need to work with Pro Seal tank sealant, well… be prepared, be ready as this thing is so stick and makes all your tools and surroundings dirty as hell!

I did survived that 🙂 and my fuel tanks are almost ready! Still need to go through inspection and also still have to test them (no pressure test and pressure test).

On another note we had some local Halloween party for kids as well as some meeting with close friends.

Below is my report in pictures and also some videos about work done, enjoy!


Moving one step closer to wings riveting

Here we go – new update about my RV10 build. All ribs and other parts are ready for riveting on to main spar. This will be the next step.

In the mean time my younger one went to school (kinder garden) and my older one finally finished her 1000pcs puzzle 🙂

For now some pictures and video of the progress.

Wings spars are now completed!

Here we go – I was able to finish both of my wings spars. Good news! It took a while though because I was a bit busy with other work here plus we all got some sort of sore throat/flu. All this postponed my wing spars assembly by over a week time. Anyway now it is all done and below you may enjoy few pictures and video taken during this build. My next target is: Wing ribs!