Rudder – Showstopper!?

While working today on my rudder assembly I reached the point where I have to physically close rudder skins and rivet these. Prior to that I riveted lots of parts and prepared most of the rudder assembly for final riveting.

In Canada you should have at least two inspections done for homebuilt (experimental) airplane before it will be issued an Airworthiness certificate. The last inspection is a final one, which, I am sure, is the same as in any other part of the world. However the additional inspection is required before that and it is called “pre-closure inspection”. I understand that idea is that inspector should be able to inspect each rivet’s shop head prior letting you close and cover your parts.

So what should I do next – stop rudder assembly as-is, put everything on the shelf and continue to work on other parts ? Or should I skip some steps from Vans manual and keep riveting the rudder without closing the skins (I have some amount of rivets to put if I skip a few steps).

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