Lots of work on Elevators and COVID-19

In the past weeks all world suffered from COVID-19 virus which is spreading a lot across. Schools are closed, most companies sent their employees home and we are all kinds of isolated. My wife Kate is also work from home (hangar). It is kinda strange and unusual when you have to do everything from home and at home, you can not walk outside and meet with friends (social distancing minimum 2 meters) etc.

Despite all that I keep my temp and work on my RV10 project. So far I complete my elevators by about 70% in total. All parts were prepared, dimpled, countersunk and finally primed. Last weekend during my work I started riveting all my parts of elevators together. This past weekend I continued and almost got everything done.

Below are some pictures and two videos from past two weeks progress which I made on my RV10 build project. Enjoy!

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