Tailcone – Part primed!

It took me good amount of hours to prepare all tailcone parts. Most of the time was spent on matchdrilling and holes deburing followed by holes dimpling. So many holes….

At the end of the day I now have my tailcone parts all primed. Priming was another story. While priming parts I realized that I have not enough primer left to complete my tailcone skins. Attempts to source same SAM grey primer locally were unsuccessful because this primer is not available in Canada. Imagine, in USA it is available even at Home Depot. In Canada we only have two standard self etching primers: DupliColor and another brand. Both are only available in little rattle cans. I had no choice but to use two cans of this green color primer which I had left from vertical stabilizer assembly. Now I will have my tailcone inner skins (bottom and side) in green while all other parts in grey. This is not a problem from the quality perspective but little unusual ecstatically. Anyway I had no choice since due to COVID borders are now closed so I have no way of going to US to buy this primer nor order it (delivery times over 30 days on average now).

During tailcone parts preparation I had a chance to visit Victoria with my family on a airplane trip. It was cool adventure! The next step is Tofino.

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