Tailcone – Riveting mode ON

Here we go – I just started riveting of my tailcone parts all together. This year summer still not here. It is June 13th outside and still rainy. I can count how many CAVOK days I found in 2020 during April-June using my fingers on my hands. Anyway my Piper is now almost due for its annual. I heard that we may extend that by up to 15% time so I hope I can get my extended till July and slowly move it to September, October or even November cycle during next 1-2 years.

I spent two work days riveting my tailcone parts and riveting skins. While at my hangar I am getting shower installed I have no hot water. Anyway that was not a problem for my kids and wife to come and help me working on the tailcone. Today was a good working day. I riveted about 30% of skins. More to follow 🙂

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