No updates for some time

Yeah right there were no updates for some time. The main reason for that, actually few reasons here 🙂 First of all I was on holidays (Christmas, NY). As you know I was suppose to visit VANs and pick up my fuselage kit around January 25th however for some reasons VANs delays my fuse kit until March so I am waiting for it now.

Despite that I have completed my fuel tank testing with pressure and finally succeeded. No leaks so far.

I was also waiting for my Dynon Heated Pitot/Static probe for almost a month. Finally couple days ago I have received it so it looks like it is a time now to get it installed and make another video soon.

Oh yeah and finally we moved to a new house – it took good two weeks to prepare, pack, move and unpack everything. So I now have enough excuses to make some pause in my blog. I should be back very soon with new videos and of course as soon as I get my fuse I will start to work on it. Can’t wait to get back to my shop and work on my RV10 build.

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