Fuselage – It’s time to start!

Finally, after waiting for some time I was able to successfully pick up my fuselage kit from VANs factory in Aurora, OR.

I have contacted with VANs in the end of February 2021 and confirmed that my pick up date has not changed. They confirmed that I am good to come and pick my fuse kit so I did.

After bringing my kit over the border to Canada I successfully, with great help of pilot friends from my airfield unloaded truck and next day started inspection of the kit.

During inspection I discovered that few parts are still on backorder. These were control sticks and landing gear mounts. I was able to get these received in a week time after I brought in my kit.

I started to work on my fuselage kit build and did some progress.

In the mean time we celebrated my father’s birthday, eat some “shashlik” BBQ and drink some Vodka 🙂

Check out some of my pictures below about these past weeks and my Fuse kit assembly!

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