Get to know us!

Hi! I am Vlad and I’ve wanted to fly for as long as I can remember. This was always a very distant dream and it seemed that it will never become a reality. Fast-forward to today, and I am a proud PPL holder and a pilot of Piper PA-28, currently working on my RV-10 build! My wife, Kate, initially said that she will never fly with me… fast-forward to today, and she is a holder of a student PPL and a big supporter of my aircraft projects! And of course, our two beautiful daughters, Maria and Elizabeth, who can’t wait to fly around the globe in our future RV-10!


Pilot, daddy, Electrical Engineer, hardware developer, programmer and Avionics junkie. Currently PPL holder with plans to do his CPL and IFR.


Pilot in-training, mommy, marketer, baker, cooker, boss and big supporter of Vlad’s crazy projects! Kate started her training in DA20 (stick) and there will be no excuse for her to not to finish her PPL training in RV10.


Daddy’s little helper’s boss! Learner, teacher, artist and future professor, pilot and “analysis doctor”. She loves flying and wants to travel across the world in RV10!


Daddy’s little helper, dancer, singer and family entertainer! She is always ready to help and likes technical field very much. Despite her young age she already may distinguish between screw and bolt.

Piper PA28-235 1968

This is our flying machine which helps us travel around the area. We love it very much and we still do not know how we will let it go after our RV10 project will be ready.