New day – New part started!

As of today we officially started to work on our second airplane part – Rudder. It was productive day, both my daughters helped me a bit with deburring of all parts required for the rudder. There was alot of cutting involved in first steps. I was able to advance up to the clecoing point which will be my next day task.

Vertical stabilizer – DONE !!!

I can’t believe but finally I have completed assembly of my first real airplane part – Vertical stabilizer! Today, after some riveting I finally made that. Now its time to review all my mistakes, make sure that I understood what caused these and try to avoid these in the future. Next step is to start working on Rudder Section 7 of the VAN’s manual.

More rivets! The way to go.

Today I spent good amount of time riveting my vertical stab skeleton followed by skin riveting. Not everything went well, I did few mistakes which is 😞 sad. Despite that I was able to recover these and kept a good rate of work. My wife Kate and daughter Maria helped me in some part of this work.

Rivet It!

Well that was a first time when I was installing rivets in to airplane part! I spent some time figuring how to do that properly. First issue was that I totally forgot to order my pneumatic squeezer dies for riveting. I fixed the issue my ordering these later today however I was left with bucking bar and rivet gun for the time being.

It took me me some time to figure how to use a rivet gun, how to adjust the pressure and how actually properly riveted rivet should look like 🙂 I drilled about 10 rivets due to mistakes or just bad quality of riveting but at the end everything was looking OK to me. Page 6-4 all steps are done and page 6-5 first two steps are now completed. The next step is a skeleton assembly for the vertical stab. Here I am waiting for my squeezer dies to arrive before I move forward.

Little bit of work during afternoon visit

I passed by hangar with my wife and kids today in the afternoon and while kids were playing I decided to work a little on my project. Few parts were drilled, countersink and dimpled. Finally I covered them with primer and left to dry out. The next step will be The first rivet!

By the way I got prepared for future priming of parts by purchasing painting gun and respirator. I also ordered online SEM self etching primer (1gal) in grey color. Next batch of tail parts will be primed in a new way. Hope that quality will be higher now.


I have not much time today but I decided to put a primer over the parts which I already prepared for final assembly. That was a BIG process. First of all priming using these “rattle cans” is a BAD idea if you want quality work. I think that the best would be to invest in a painting gun. Second, use of these cans is actually more expencive rather than purchasing a primer in gallon cans and priming with the gun. Finally the quality while using painting gun will be way higher…… Or I just do not know how to use ‘rattle cans’ properly 🙂 I used two full cans to prime all the parts in pictures below.

However another very important part of this process is a GOOD ventilation and GOOD protection for your self. This primer smells! Make sure that you use good respirator and your location have outside air circulation/ventilation system. This is important!

Work in progress – long day and good results!

I was able to get full day today and work on my project. It was very productive day and I finally came close to priming my parts! My two little daughters came today together with my wife to assist and help me. During my work I made another video with details about what was done today. So far vertical stabilizer of my RV-10 is ready for priming and riveting. I think that the next step will make it all 🙂 For now see some pictures from today as well as the video.

Just a day at a hangar

Today me and my younger one went to hangar to do some work not related to RV10. I am trying to finish up all other tasks to free up 1.5 days this week for RV10 building. Elizabeth was pushing me to work on my RV build today despite I explained that we have some other things to do for today. We agreed that I let her pose with air drill and post her pictures in the blog. That will be a reasonable trade to let me finish my other work at the hangar without reminding me every minute that we have to build airplane 🙂

Keep working on my vertical stabilizer.

After long working day I was able to find couple of hours and continue my vertical stabilizer build. Still at section 6, but already at page 6-3 and steps 1-3. I loved the results I got at the very end.

At first I was need to assemble the skeleton of the vertical stabilizer. This took me some time since I was in need to complete holes deburring and surface preparation.

As soon as I got my skeleton assembled I said: Wau! This is a real part for the airplane. At that point it was already late evening for me and I was in need to go back home to my wife and kids. By quick look at the remaining steps I found that the next step after the skeleton assembly was a skin attachment step. That attracted my attention and I started to think that I actually can take that step and complete it on the same day.

Here are my results 🙂 Isn’t it beautifully looking airplane part ?

And here is my full video from the day!

First steps in my RV-10 airplane building

It is hard to wait for the moment when I can start my actual airplane build. I was finishing my other tasks, working at primary job, doing some family activities and waiting when I can start my build. The day has come and on November 3rd I finally started my first steps in my airplane building. Before doing that I had to get all my tools in place. I placed few orders with Aircraft Spruce (why few orders ? – well, because you never can order all tools at once 🙂 ). By the time the first build day had come I already had all required tools ready (I hope that I have all required tools, but something tells me that I will need more and more tools for the duration of my long airplane build journey).

My build started with Section 6, Page 6-2 for the vertical stabilizer assembly. I described all the steps I completed in my video. In general it was very interesting experience. I tried my self and get skills which I never exercised before. So far I like this building activity ALOT!