My Tail kit for RV10 arrived from VANs Aircraft.

The next day after I recorder my introduction in to airplane build video my tail cone kit arrived from VAN’s Aircraft. The delivery logistics was a bit complex. I live in Canada near Vancouver while I ordered my kit with delivery to my Border Mail address in Blaine, WA, USA. The primary reason for this is high costs of delivery to Canada. VANs Aircraft company is located in Oregon state which is about 400 miles south from where I live. Shipping to my border mail address in Blaine, WA (about 20 minutes drive from my home in Canada) costs two times less than shipping to Canada. The size for the shipment was 10ft x 4ft x 15″ and weight 260 pounds. That was a big box!

I had to rent a trailer from UHaul, bring it down to Blaine, wait there for FedEx truck to arrive. I was lucky because the FedEx driver helped me to unload the package directly to my trailer. Otherwise I would spent there lots of time while trying to load up my package on to the trailer without fork lift.

Way back from Blaine was uneventful. I passed through Canadian customs, declared my purchase, paid taxes and entered Canada. Canadian customs officer was not surprised about airplane kit which I was importing.

After unloading of my kit at my hangar/shop I went to UHaul to bring trailer back. The day was ended for me.

Next day I started from detailed inventory of my arrived kit. You can see this in my video.

I started to build my own airplane – VANs RV10

In October 2019 I started to build my own airplane. I was willing to build my own airplane for a long time but always was thinking that this is something I will never be able to achieve due to complexity of the task.

Reading internet, watching youtube videos of other builders who was able to achieve their goal and built their own airplanes I realized that in fact this is possible even for me.

My background is an electrical engineering and programming. I am an embedded developer and have no experience in building anything more complex than a PCB board with components or writing few thousands lines of code.

So I decided to build an airplane and choose well known model from USA manufacturer VANs Aircraft company. The model I decided to build is RV-10. This is an amazing four-seat airplane with single engine. MTOW of this airplane is 2700lb while useful load is about 1400lb.

While building my own airplane I decided to do two more things: 1. Write this Builder’s blog and also 2. Create and manage YouTube channel where I will be posting short videos about my build progress. I found this to be a good idea because this will let me to document all my work and let future builders, who may be interested in my project, to read my blog, watch my videos, see my comments and hopefully avoid mistakes which I will likely do during the build. Well, mistakes happen so I am ready for that, however hope to take each next step of my build slowly while carefully reading assembly instructions!